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February 23, 2008


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It's nice to read about the people who make the young skaters who they are. They don't become stars by themselves.


This girl is so cute. Good luck to her at Junior Worlds.


Hi, Susan! Thanks for your wonderful news, as always. Mirai's socre got Charlene jaw-dropped. So did many audiences including me. Incidentally, I have no idea when Mirai was getting mastered 3Lz-3T.
Well, I read your article to find out that Charlene has depth as a person as well as a coatch. She shoud be proud of her policy & achievements. Thank you again!

Michael Rosman

January 28/09
Hi Charlene,
Saw you and heard you on TV today for the first time in about 25 years.
I still recall vividly, your injured foot at the Canadian Championships here in Montreal, a few years back. Hope the rules are better than what you had to endure, with your foot fracture.
Glad to see and read about your career, and follow the progress of the young skaters you are now coaching.
Best of luck

Suzanne Gove-O'Rourke

Hello Charlene;

Here's a blast from the past for you, this is Suzanne Gove, now "Gove-O'Rourke" from the Pierrefonds Figure Skating Club back in good old Montreal. I too live in California (Northern area) and would very much like to touch base with you. Please reply to this email if you have a free moment or two. Mirai is an absolutely beautiful skater - I can see your influence - just lovely!
Take care,
Suzanne Gove
PS - My father Dave also lives in Auburn, CA and wanted to pass on his greetings.

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