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February 09, 2008


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It's always better to have colorful characters in your sport than boring automatons. Gary could never be called boring. Maybe Tonya Harding wasn't all that bad...


You have to admire his originality. But I'm not sure he would stack up well against today's more technical skaters.


Gary Beacom is an idol at my rink. Skaters today have no originality, or if they do, they're copying Beacom or some other skater from the past. This is the fault of the judging system - how many horrible spin positions can you do to rack up points?

Maria Swain

My absolute favorite skater of all time! I
remember watching the Olympics as a little girl with my mother and her and myself in tears over
the marks from the judges! I followed your skating over the years (including your skates on
your hands)(which I have told my students about)
Plus, I caught Torville&Dean in Victoria-my Mom turned to me and said this lovely lady that we were sitting beside was Gary's proud Grandma! Then you came into the stands to see her -Wow!
What a Nite! This is an open invitation to come
to the Leduc Figure Skating Club in Alberta in any format you see fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane Goudeau

Gary Beacom is a wonderful original. No firebird costume....and a great sense of humor. His "man" stand cracks me up every time. Just his use of Leonard Cohen's music is enough to get my attention.

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