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February 25, 2008


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Really sad about the Pasha "love" triangle. Maia should have left him a long time ago, but maybe she wanted a shot at the gold also and that drove her to stay.


I laughed so hard because as I approached the end of the post I realized that I could have recited all that off the top of my head and that disturbed me greatky...then you made the same point!

A not eon Pasha...she's doing choreography and was responsible (yes I used the word responsible) for Inoue and Baldwin's Free Skate at Nationals...not highly impressed.

And wasn't that Usova/Platov/Grischuk/Zhulin drama just too much! Remember after it all broke both teams competed in the World Pro's and NBC just had a field day with the ice drama!


We all need to get out more, especially Aaron and Susan. I got to at least Kennedy before I had to look it up.

Aaron are so right!

a friend

Natalia Mishkutionok does live in Texas and is an amazing coach, but she is not married to a plumber. He is married to a Home builder/Real Estate Tycoon. I don't know where "plumber came from"

Brien Steinberg

How could you say such thing about Oksana. She was a true Victim in this whole story but a amazing person who would trash any one back even those who lied to her and about her and tried to get rid of her because she was the most amazing talent in ice dancing.
READ THE REAL TRUE STORY HERE: Zulin was involved in a serious intimate love relationship with Katya Gordeeva back in 1991 when Katya was still married to her Sergey. Katya damped Zulin and then he met his next Victim... it was Oksana Grishuk who gave up her skating for him and got pregnant with his baby in 1992. Zulin told her to do that in a way for her to prove that she loved him. He left pregnant Grishuk in russia and went to USA for training, preparing to win Olympic medal and to became intimate partners with Navka when she was only 17 years old. Zulin cheated on pregnant Oksana Grishuk and Usova notified Grishuk about detailed intimate relationship between Z and N. Grishuk got distroyed by the horrible news that Usova continue feading her with her none stop phone calls from USA and eventually Grishuk lost her baby...


The precious Katia is beyond criticism in the skating world and in the media. However God knows her sins and she will pay for them since there's no evidence of her repentence. Why doesn't anyone ever interview her ex mother in law ann Grinkova I would love to hear her side of the story. A heartbroken mom will bring the truth something the Godless, filthy immoral figure skating world has no affection for at all.

shooting flash games

Natalia Mishkutionok does live in Texas and is an amazing coach, but she is not married to a plumber. He is married to a Home builder/Real Estate Tycoon. I dont know where plumber came from

Tha Bisosek Gala Tips

And it always arose out of their frustration that they couldn’t do a proper spin, or an inside spread eagle, or any move that they particularly wanted to do. (Isn’t there always one move in skating that we have on our wish list

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