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February 20, 2008


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Triple lutz is a backward spin? I know reporters need to cover all topics, but this is too much!


All bets are on that Kristi wins the whole thing. Close second might by Penn Jillette (just kidding).


When I found out Kristi was in the next DWTS, I could hardly contain myself! The people at work didn't quite get it! :) My hero! I was really beginning to miss her like an old friend now that she's not on TV as much. I think she'll do an awesome job on the show! Can't wait!


I'm with you - I'm psyched for the DWTS show to begin. I'm reading all these critics say this is a boring lineup of "stars" and they're not "stars" anyway. Every single skating fan will be watching and will prove them wrong.


Seriously...jumping up and down all around my house when they announced Kristi! I'm stoked!

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