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February 13, 2008


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Hey, I just found your site and it's cool. I like the Weekly Skating Roundup, especially the ones where you do a where are they now thing. I always wondered what Rosalynn was doing after she got married.


Nike never did seem to understand the gestalt of ice sports. Guys in white skates -- reminds me of Chevy's decision to market the Nova in Spain (no va = no go).


Re NBC airing 2009 Worlds: I heard that the USFSA is considering expanding the 2010 Nationals to 2 weeks because the ratings were so good for the 2008 Nationals in St. Paul. What a great idea - about time they realized how much $$$ is out there.


Do the neck guards that the kids wear protect against this type of injury?

Susan from lifeskate

Hi Catherine! I've been asking around at various pro shops and talking to hockey player friends, and the answer is "no." Everyone basically said that what happened to the Florida Panthers player was a freakish event that "never happens." The neck guards that we see on kids are supposed to protect against being hit with the hockey sticks, not skates. Small comfort...Susan from lifeskate.

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