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February 06, 2008


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I really agree with Brennan on the age bit and I think the USFSA could get enough support to get a deal through the ISU congress. Remember, Japan struggled with this same rule in 2005 when Asada was winning everything in sight but too young to go to the Olympics. I say bring back the old rule...if you medal in the Junior Worlds, you should be allowed to compete in the Senior Worlds despite your age. That will make for a better competition there as well as Senior Worlds.


The last item was the funniest thing I had ever read.Where do you find all these neat articles?

Susan from lifeskate

Hi EvanFan! I'm so glad you like the Weekly Skating Roundup. I find the items for the weekly segment by reading lots and lots of publications. Whether they are from the interesting links (to the right) or other skaters' blogs (to the left), or from other sources, I can always find something skating-related to include every week. It's great to know others like the articles too...Susan from lifeskate.

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