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March 10, 2008


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Love Jamie and David. Thanks for the warm-up, sometimes that's more interesting than anything else. Interesting that they don't do full lifts, death spirals, or spins for the run through.


What a great song for them too.


Thanks for posting. It's hard to get the Today show here. I'm gonna see them when they start the SOI Canada.

Aaron Harris

Just love me some David and Jamie! I remember Ross the Intern on Leno's "The Tonight Show" interviewing them after the whole thing went down and it was the funniest thing ever.

Susan from Lifeskate

Aaron - What was the Ross the Intern interview like? I love Ross -- he is HILARIOUS and so genuine about it. Do you remember the questions or the funniest moments? I know it's been only, like, 5+ years ago, but you still remember it, so it must have been really funny. I wish they had it on youtube...

Aaron Harris

He was more mad about the situation then they were. He asked them if they were mad and then he just starts spouting off "i'm p$%#$, i'm p@#$@#." And he kept wondering how they were so calm about the whole thing. Then on the set of the Tonight Show Jay brought out all these Canadian flags and played "O Canada," it was great. This has to be on YouTube somewhere!


Terrific post! So informative. I had forgotten about the 2002 "skate-gate" incident, which is a testament to Jamie's and David's professionalism. They really are a class act. And of course Jesse is beautiful. . . with those genes, there was never a choice!

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