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April 05, 2008


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Aaron Harris

"It was one of those situations where you knew someone was not going to get the gold and you just didn't want that situation to happen."

Don't you just hate that! Can't we create a rule for duplicate Golds. We can name SLC Communication Rule #2002...if you got that, you're good!

Love Brian Boitano and Yu-Na...and to think she won the bronze medal at this years worlds (not to mention the free skate) while recovering from injury...imagine if she'd been completely healthy. I think Brian is just the best coach she could have picked.


I felt, those many years ago, that Brian Orser was cheated out of the gold (primarily because of school figures) both when Scott Hamilton won in 1984 and Brian Boitano won in 1988.

Orser was the artistic AND technical skater, whereas Hamilton at the time and Boitano, both then and in the years since, did not connect with audiences. Orser has been ever the man who touched your heart, Boitano is the man about whom one could say technically he is amazing but cold, even though he has an engaging snile. Again, with Lysacek and Weir we have the same story. Who moves you and combines that with technical proficiency as well?

Orser should be able to coach and mentor young skaters to high levels of both artistic and technical proficiency.

Brian Orser, over the years, has quietly continued to skate his way into our hearts. He can help others learn to do the same.

Thank you for featuring him.


Oh Aaron, you have to be much much more vague than that! Too many clues -- SLC? 2002? Duplicate Golds? Why not just include Jamie & David as well? Susan, it's nice to be reminded of who was great then and is still great now. Things are so fleeting nowadays, except for the greats.


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