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April 08, 2008


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Overachievers is what I call them. How can *I* be one of them???:)


Thanks for this breakdown, when looking at the results on the US Figure Skating website I have always been confused about all these new terms. Gold, Silver, and Bronze being levels and etc. Now I can relate this to the Senior, Junior, and Novice levels etc.

Are you competing?

Susan from Lifeskate

Hi Rebekah! Oh gosh no, I'll be purely a roving reporter with my videographer. I'm actually really looking forward to meeting and chatting with the competitors because I admire their drive and desire to compete as adults. As adults, we get so caught up with, well, life, and it's so neat that they are able to fit in competitive skating with everything else. If anyone happens to spot me (I'll be the one holding a microphone that has "LifeSkate" written on it), please stop by and say hello!


Where their any rumors to where the 2009 Nationals will be held?

Susan from Lifeskate

No, and I was asking around too. But whereever they hold it should have three rinks because there is SO MUCH going on in all the events with all the categories, you really need three rinks!

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