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May 30, 2008


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Well, I for one, will not be helping her make ends meet.


Actually I will read her book. She's paid her dues, Nancy's living a fairy tale life, so it all worked out.


I've found Tonya Harding Sex Video at

Good quality video...

Carrie B.

Really, seriously? It's too much, and who is the rinky dink opperation that is publishing this nonsense? Are they the ones publishing O.J.'s book on who realy did it. Enough, I can't beleive I am giving it credence by even reading and responding. Done.....

university dissertations

thank you for sharing the story about Tonya Harding which is of great importance in the world of figure skating. I have always been fond of folks who do such thing as interpret and express themselves through figure skating. The only figure skater I know is Kim Yuna of South Korea. She's such a doll and very determined to improve in her craft each and everyday.

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