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June 26, 2008


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Aaron Harris

I just love Lucindah Ruh! Those spins are amazing. Nice to see that she has so many interests and projects on her plate. Nice to see nice things happen to nice people!


Hear hear! Interesting that she's into architecture and design -- sometimes these skaters surprise me with their multi-dimensional talents!


I would much rather watch Lucinda skate now than the little girls who are out there today. Lucinda represents what skating is all about.


OMG! I didn't know she existed! SHE IS AMAZING! No one spins like her!


Watermelon with salt? Dunno about that.


Awe-inspiring skating! If she were competing today with teh new system, she would receive the credit she deserved for those amazing spins!


I have seen Lucinda skate in person and her spins are incredible...her costume designs are unique and beautiful as well. I could watch her skate all day.


Gotta luv Lucinda...she is the true definition of skating enchantment and beauty...;-)


She is sooooooooooo! Absolutely amazing on ice too! The best skater ever!

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she is natural beauty

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