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June 21, 2008


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Rory also did the Russian slip and could touch her toes, something no other woman skater could do. She was a true athlete and great to see she's still skating in shows as recently as 2007!

Aaron Harris

This is way back when I was just really getting into skating...I'd only been really watching skating hardcore for about two years but I remember this competition. Wasn't it in like three rounds where they kept eliminating ladies until they had four vie for the title...and here's where it gets really scary...wasn't it Denise Bielman, Yuka Sato, Caryn Kadavy, and Josee Chouinard who were the four finalist...and I believe (it's tragic now!) Yuka won.

But...big fan of Rory!


She is going though a tough time in her personal life right now.I know she was in Europe and just came back to Alaska.We see her now and then at comps and my kids are still in awe of her split jumps!

david kooncs

rory flack is amazing on and off the ice, her personalty is like no other. i remeber in 1985 she taught me how to drive a stick shift car, it took me around two seeks to get it right. she had lots of patients. seeing rory skate in person and do a back flip on ice was truly amazing.

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