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July 17, 2008


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Ice Mom

That doodle is seriously good. Robin Cousins. Who knew?

LP skater

Wow- I like to doodle also, but mine aren't that good! What a talented guy!

Jerry Motter

I trained in Lake Placid in the summer of 78.I have never seen a skater before or after,the caliber of Robin Cousins.I've never seen any skater who tied the art of dance to the sport like Robin did.He also had the athletisicm of the jumps.I used to love watching him jump,slow and open on the first half rotation of the jump,right to the apex of the jump and the rest of the rotation all the way down.He could hang like Michael Jordan!I wish I could get a copy of all his performances.He is without a doubt the epitome of what skating should be!

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