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July 08, 2008


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What a cool story! Sounds like it couldn't have happened to a nicer designer.


It's a pretty dress. I wouldn't be surprised if she wears it to play tennis, she's pretty fashion-forward that way.

Ice Mom

I just love this article, Susan! Thank you! I'm just a hobbyist seamstress and all-night beader, but this 7-hour success story just makes me shake my head.

And the dress is gorgeous! I'd better not show it to Ice Girl... :)

Susan from Lifeskate

Isn't that the BEST story you've heard in a while? And I loved it also because it's such a universal story about something amazing happening to you at a moment in time. I just loved it (as you can tell by now). I'm enjoying reading Ice Girl's progress and your newbie experience being an Ice Mom. Good luck --Susan from Lifeskate

lp skater

Good for her! Not being a seamstress of any type (sewing machines make me nervous), I do knit and know how long it takes to make a great project. But in 7 hours! WOW! That's talent!!


not only are you a great neighbor, but an artist as well, congratulations ....If i change professions and go into skating, I know where to get the right outfit...

next door neighbor, bobbie,

good job carrie


I Really like this website i am a figure skater and i was wondering if u have any more skating dresses i really like

Zen Kolodnicki

My goodness but you created such a beautiful dress in that short amount of time, that's FANTASTIC ! ! ! Congratulations, it's so beautiful that I'd be proud to wear it and that's saying tons as I'm a guy. I guess that picture would be worth a thousand words as to how well you've done.

Carrie Jones

Just want to continue to thank everyone for the great feedback! I hope everyone gets to rise up and meet that challenge when their own moment comes!

Blessings and Be Well,
Carrie Jones


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