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July 31, 2008


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I think there is a stark difference between being the butt of jokes by talk show hosts, etc., and loss of legitimacy of the sport. Although the president often gets made fun of by comedians, the government doesn't really lose legitimacy because of that - it's far more harmful when things like Watergate showcase complete ethical breakdowns.

The integrity of the sport is compromised when it can't account for itself, such in the 2002 Olympic judging scandal. I know you wrote that he mentions that, but he should also note that there were never more jokes and attention paid to the sport than in 1994 with Tonya and Nancy, but even if someone would argue that that damaged the sport's image (although I don't necessarily know that it did), it was nowhere near the damage done by the judges in 2002.

PS - I am glad he exhorts his colleagues to act ethically, etc. That seems more the key to legitimacy and integrity.


Figure skating - either you love it as a real sport, or you laugh that it's even considered a sport. We'll never come out on top. Those days are long gone. Maybe the next generation will be the key--right now, there's too much criticism in the US that baby ballerinas are winning the competitions, damaging their young bodies in their quest for gold.

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