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July 22, 2008


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Either Lauren or Michelle because D&G models are rail thin and those two come the closest to looking like models. Not Khloe for sure.


Lauren did -- sorry. Then Khloe, then Michelle. Don't like Michelle's necklace either.

lp skater

I agree with Susan- I think Michelle brought class and sophistication to the outfit. I appreciate that several different body types wore the dress (curvy,tall&lean, and petite/athletic) but I feel Michelle wore it the best. Nothing was "hanging out", she has very nice posture, and she looks strong but still pretty and sophisticated.


I agree with lp skater and Susan, Michelle wore it best, and I'm not a skating fan so no playing favorites here. Dress looks uncomfortably tight on Khloe and it was a close call between Lauren and Michelle. Liked to have seen the shoes though.


I have to agree that Michelle looked best in the dress. It looked too tight on Khloe and it just seemed really low and not flattering on Lauren, but on Michelle it seemed to fit just right.


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