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January 24, 2009


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Phil Cohen

Alissa Czisny's victory at the U.S. Nationals is a step in the right direction that could help the sagging popularity of skating as a televised sport.
Some journalists believe that the declining popularity of skating on T.V.(which has resulted in less skating being shown on T.V., and/or some events being shifted to very new, almost unavailable cable channels) is because of the domination of abnormally small, prepubescent girls(AKA "Jumping Beans") in the ladies competition, and that it would be physically impossible for a college girl(or normal-sized high school girl) to successfully compete against small children, but Alissa Czisny has proved otherwise. Now Kimmie Meissner & Emily Hughes have no excuse not to place high in their next competitions.
Many observers on the internet have stated that T.V. audiences want to see a young lady in the ladies competition. Now with Alissa Czisny, they have a young lady.

Ann Pettey

Was it Ashley Wagner going to Princeton or Katrina Hacker? I can't remember,but I thought it was the later. What a wonderful skate for Alissa (ever with the small mistakes) I really feel the 'right' one won. Her spins are amazing and I think she puts so much feeling into her skating. Rachel is young and I hope she can learn to put it 'all out' when she skates. The commentators say she is automatic when she skates and that is a good quality, but when you put yourself into your program it is a wonderful thing to see.


I absolutely love Ashley Wagner's long program, and I really hope that she keeps it for the Olympic year. I'm also really excited about Alissa Czisny's win, and I hope she continues to improve on her consistency. If she does, she could be a force to be reckoned with, something that the U.S. team definitely needs!

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