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April 12, 2009


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Jeremy Abbott is my favorite skater, and it is wonderful to see his new show program! Thanks so much for posting the video!!! I'm looking forward to your interview with Jeremy!


Awesome! Luv what you do for the skating world. icenetwork wake up!


Thank you! I enjoyed this show program. Abbott brings a natural elegance to everything he does.


Thank you, Susan, for Jeremy's performance! May I ask whether you recorded other programs too (like Johnny's for example), or just this one?


We recorded all of the skaters from that benefit and will be releasing video over the next month, including Johnny's Weir's program and Jeremy's other program. Stay tuned!


Me gustaría que colocaran rápido la presentación de Johnny Weir. Me encanta. Gracias


I love the new program. Captivating. Thanks for sharing.


Thanks, Susan! Can't wait to see Johnny! :D


I love the way Jeremy fiddles with the entrance and exits of his jumps and also the edges he uses when he skates. I love it when skaters do that, there are few who do.

Susan, who is the wonderful person operating your camera...they are very lucky!

Susan from

Aaron -- Oh my goodness, you should be doing commentary! I just realized that Jeremy does fiddle with the entrance and exits, AND I've only watched it 50 times in the process of editing it. My camera person is Joe and I will let him know that his work is much appreciated.


Susan, thank you so much for being so kind to share these interviews and programs of Jeremy Abbott, my favorite US skater competing right now. His new exhibition is terrific, I think. Then again, I may be biased, as I love everything Jeremy does. <3

The work of you and cameraman Joe is very much appreciated, Susan . . . LOVE your videos! :)

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