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May 02, 2009


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This program is awesome. It gives a sport opportunity to kids that otherwise have parents that can't afford private lessons.


Please stop the lies
This is so far from a free program
Each girls family pays a Min. of $1,000 a year to be in the program.
There is 125 in the program
You do the math!

Plus their the staff fund raise Millions a year because they are helping "the poor little Blace in Harlem" But they keep the MONEY

Please go on line and read for your self


The program is great! A lot of parent involvment and selling such as raffle tickets, ice show tickets, skating party tickets and a few costume accessories besides the general fee for the cost of the programs which is affordable but the rest of the selling for those that do not have many friends or have friends that can afford such outings makes this selling unconfortable and our wallets drained.

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