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February 04, 2014


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Anne Marie Lorigan

LOVED YOUR SHOW TODAY!! I was changing channels… I watched your show.for the first time, because you said my favorites (skaters were on).
Being fan of figure skater and taking it up in 1981 @ age20. We had no money for skating when growing up. I did get to skate on the lake with my Sears double blades on a lake about 30 miles away. Dad could even go backwards! I learned more about skating from Mr. Dick Button. I learned that the Skaters weren't born that way, and she had to learn to go backward and learned so many lesson because of these people.
l learned about competition and how difficult that is. Albertville is my personal favorite Olympics .I had gotten hurt at work and was stuck at home with a torn ligament).Paul Wylie gave me hope. I was following him for a couple of years. He had what no other skater had and WON THE SILVER!

THANK YOU! I loved your show!!!!!!!!!
My first "Cosby Show' had Stevie Wonder on it. This is sooo cool !! I could get stuck on your show too!!!
You aired this at a really good time (Right before Sochi). Your people are good at their jobs. Thank you for listening to me. Thank you for all of your patience
You must have thousands to try and read. Good Day. Best Wishes.
-Anne of New England.

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